Rules & Regulation

Life in the College must be inspired by unity, mutual trust and co-operation among the staff, students and management.

Every student must make it a point of his/her personal duty to attend class daily and punctually. Students are expected to be in class at the first bell and begin the day by reciting the common prayer.

When teachers are on leave, students shall remain in class and do the work assigned to them for the period. No student shall be seen outside the classroom during class hours.

Going to hotels for tiffin during the lunch recess is strictly forbidden, lunch and snacks will be provided in the College Canteen.

Students shall not see visitors during class hours.

Students who are not attending classes or lectures or working in the Library, during College working hours shall take special care not to disturb classes that are going on.

Students are expected to dress modestly. Students who do not adhere to the rules will be seriously dealt with including removal from the rolls.

No student shall leave a class without the permission of the Lecturer.

No matter of publication in Newspaper, Magazine, Journal or notices may be submitted in the name of the College without the permission of the Principal.

Megaphone, loudspeakers etc. shall not be used and posters, boards should not be put up in the campus without the express permission of the principal. Students shall not carry or use mobile phones in the campus.

Loss or damage caused to building, furniture, tools and apparatus of the College due to violent action of students will be made good by imposing collective fines on all the students of the college.

No meeting is to be held in the College buildings or in the College premises without the permission of the principal.

The college strictly prohibits any ragging in the campus.