Objectives & Strategy


To create a class of intellectually, morally and spiritually sound and committed citizens who will become a human resource of high calibre.


  • To aim at providing quality & need based education to students of all sections of society without any discrepancy and through optimum utilization of existing resources.
  • To create a teaching-learning environment conducive to the pursuit of higher knowledge, relevant skills and experience
  • To inculcate self discipline and service to the community.
  • To provide opportunity for faculty members to update their knowledge in teaching and research skills in each subject.
  • To promote awareness on ecological and environmental issues.
  • To sensitize the students on socio-economic issues (emphasizing on gender and human rights) through co-curricular activities.


  • To promote all-round development of the students’ abilities and personalities.
  • To extend and disseminate knowledge and foster its application.
  • Establish a community of scholars in which understanding and Wisdom can grow and flourish.
  • To pursue academic excellence.
  • To create self-reliance among students.
  • To cater to larger group of students by offering various courses through conventional and distance modes.
  • To cope with the challenges of time.


  • Achieving excellence in teaching.
  • Providing the best in education.
  • Inculcating human values.
  • Developing leadership qualities.
  • Fostering unflinching patriotism.
  • The Vision and Mission statements, objectives and strategy of the college are communicated to the students, teachers, staff and other stakeholders through the college prospectus, the college website, the college magazine as well as regular communications and briefings.
  • This academic institution is mainly attended by the students of surrounding villages within a radius of 25 km. The guardian of the student’s visits this institution and interacts with the faculty members and non-teaching staff and gathers information regarding the institution. The college also organize teachers- parents– students meet frequently. So the goals and objectives are conveyed to them. College prospectus is also one of the ways to show the facilities rendered by this institution. We have also displayed all these information on our website.