Implementation of Curriculum

  • The academic calendar indicating schedule of admission, date on which classes will start and number of holidays is provided to us by affiliating University. Before the commencement of the academic year, a general time table of the college is prepared by the time table in-charge of the college by considering the weekly hour allotment for each curriculum as per the guidelines of UGC and directives of the University. The time table is distributed to all the departments. The Heads of the departments distribute classes amongst all the teachers. In our college most of the departments are run by single teacher so he/she has to engage all the classes. Thus, they have been given liberty to modify the time table as per their convenience with the consultation of the time table committee. It is always kept in mind that such changes could not affect the classes of other subjects. The time table in-charge then prepares the final version of the time table and submits it to the office of Head of the institution for recommendation. This time-table is circulated to all the departments and a copy is displayed on the college notice board for the students. The whole process is completed within 3-4 days. Each department then conduct classes as per the time table. The classes start on the schedule date. In spite of acute shortage of teachers in many departments the teachers try their best to complete the syllabus within stipulated period. In case of non-completion of syllabus within the stipulated period special classes are arranged by the respective department after consultation with the Principal.
  • Each teacher submits monthly progress report in the proforma supplied to them through Head of the department. The IQAC monitors the progress of implementation through Head of the departments.