Anti-Ragging Cell

Q1) Do you know that Ragging covers all acts of violence, physical or mental between two or more senior or junior Students? --- Yes

Q2) Have you explained the new definition of Ragging to your staff(academic & non academic) & students? --- Yes

Q3) Does every public declaration for admission in your institution state that Ragging is totally prohibited in the institution and anyone found guilty of ragging is liable to be punished? --- Yes

Q4) Does the brochure of admission/prospectus in print or electronic format contain UGC Regulations in full. --- No

Q5) Do you publish in the brochure of admission/instruction booklet the telephone numbers of the Helpline and all important functionaries of the institution? --- Yes

Q6) Do you ensure that an affidavit for compliance of UGC Regulation on Ragging is annexed with the admission/registration forms? --- No

Q7) Do you ensure that the application for admission is accompanied with a School Leaving/Transfer/Migrations/Character Certificate reporting behavioral pattern of the applicant? --- Yes

Q8) Does the head of your institution discuss the preventive measures of Ragging with functionaries/agencies before the commencement of the academic session? --- Yes

Q9) Does your institution prominently display poster depicting the provisions of panel law applicable to incidents of ragging? --- No

Q10) Have you identified & properly illuminated and kept a close watch on all location known to be vulnerable to occurrences of ragging incidents. --- Yes

Q11) Have you tightened security by intense policing by Anti-Ragging Squad as referred to in UGC Regulations --- Yes

Q12) Do you engage professional counselors for offering counseling to fresher and senior students? --- Yes

Q13) Do you inform local police and authorities, the details of every privately/commercially managed hostels or lodges of students enrolled in the institution? --- No

Q14) Do faculty member dine with students in their respective hostels to install a feeling of confidence among the fresher? --- No

Q15) Have you set up appropriate committees, including the course incharge, Student advisor, Wardens and some senior students as its members, to actively monitor, Promote and regulate healthy interaction between the fresher/junior and senior students. --- Yes

Q16) Do you divide each batch of fresher, on arrival at the institution, into small groups and is each such group assigned to a member of the faculty. --- No

Q17) Do you lodge fresher as far as may be, in a separate hostel block? --- No

Q18) Do you have a round the clock vigil against ragging in the hostel premises, in order to prevent ragging in the hostels after the classes are over? --- No

Q19) Do you obtain affidavits from every student and maintain a proper record of the same and ensure its safe upkeep including an electronic copy to be accessed easily when required either by the Commission or any of the Councils or by the institution or by the affiliating University or by any other person or organization authorized to do so. --- No

Q20) Do you at the end of each academic year send a letter to the parents/ guardians of the students who are completing their first year in the institution, informing them about these Regulations and any law for the time being in force prohibiting ragging and the punishments thereof. --- No

Q21) Have you constituted the Anti-Ragging Committee as per UGC's Regulations on Ragging. --- Yes

Q22) Does the committee know that it is the duty of the Anti-Ragging Committee to ensure compliance with the provisions of these Regulations as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force concerning ragging; and also to monitor and oversee the performance of the Anti-Ragging Squad in prevention of ragging in the institution? --- Yes

Q23) Have you constituted the Anti-Ragging Squad for maintaining vigil, oversight and patrolling functions? --- Yes

Q24) Does your Anti-Ragging Squad make surprise raids on hostels, and other places vulnerable to incidents of ragging? --- Yes

Q25) Have you constituted a Monitoring Cell on Ragging, which coordinates with the affiliated colleges and institutions for achieving the objectives of UGC's Regulations on Ragging. --- No

Q26) Does each hostel of your institution have a full-time Warden? --- No

Q27) Are wardens in your Hostels accessible at all hours and available on telephone and through other modes of communication? --- No

Q28) Have you prominently displayed the Mobile phone number of the Warden/Assistant Warden in the hostel? --- No

Q29) Are the security personnel posted in hostels under the direct supervision of Wardens? --- No

Q30) Do you undertake measures for extensive publicity against ragging by means of audio-visual aids, counseling sessions, workshops, painting and design competitions among students and such other measures, as it may deem fit. --- Yes

Q31) Have you sent Anti Ragging posters to your affiliated colleges/institution?. --- No

Q32) Whether posters are displayed in prominent places of university/college campus. --- No